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Helping B2B businesses to Stop Random Acts of Marketing
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I’m Rachel. I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years now and whilst the advent of the internet, social media and AI are brilliant things, it’s resulted in people running around doing ALL the marketing things, getting overwhelmed and burning money because they succumbed to shiny object syndrome.

Without a marketing strategy, this type of thing is really common. You’ll say yes to the Facebook ads guy that you meet at the gym, because it sounds like a great solution. It has potential to be, but that person isn’t impartial and doesn’t know your business intimately.

I’ve also seen cookie cutter courses, Do It Yourself programmes and whilst the learning is solid, I know that many business owners NEED something that’s tailored for their business and offers personalised implementation.

So, I’ve created exactly this, specifically for B2B business owners.

Introducing the B2B Marketing Collective.

✅ Who is it for?
B2B business owners
In need of a marketing strategy and plan
Have a small team in place, but need senior level support

✅ How does it work?
We create a marketing strategy
We create a marketing plan
We look at the resources you need to deliver your plan, such as done for you work, done with you work or do it yourself work.

✅ Why is this brilliant?
You get to work with me as a Chief Marketing Officer
You get to work with my team of specialists who can do the technical and specialist aspects of marketing (the mind bending stuff)
You can learn loads about marketing and we support you to bring as much in house as possible

✅ Is this right for me?
Yes, if you are a B2B business and know that a marketing strategy and the right implementation support is what’s lacking from your business.

✅ What level of service can you provide?

1. Full package for businesses who are looking to build an internal marketing team without taking on a full time hire or burning money with huge agencies.
2. Some businesses just need a shorter term, more intensive support, so together we tackle one commercial problem, such as lead gen, and create a programme to solve that problem.

✅ Why do you know what I’m talking about?
I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years now (shocking) – I’ve worked with corporates, governement, small businesses and individual business owners.

I’m on a mission to help B2B business owners cut the marketing overwhelm, stop shiny object syndrome and put the marketing power back in their hands with realistic marketing strategy and implementation support.

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