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I work with business owners to develop and grow their business, providing practical, hands-on support and advice to leaders of small to medium size companies. We help to overcome obstacles, help your business grow and allow your passion to be re-energised, helping you achieve your vision.

Running your own business is tough its quite normal to become tired and lose the sense of purpose you had when you started. Do those around you not seem to share the same sense of purpose and focus? Is your business experiencing any of the following symptoms?

☑️ You are working long hours just to keep your business going. Do you dread taking a holiday? Are you the one always last to leave?

☑️Are you fighting fires all day and finding it hard to focus on things that add value? Have you moved away from your vision when your first started the business? Are you a BUSINESS OWNER, or does the business OWN YOU?

☑️Are you working IN your Business or ON your business?

☑️Do you feel that the rest of the team do not share your values and vision? Do you often feel you are the only one that can resolve customer issues?

☑️Are you starting up and feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do? Do you feel you have a great vision but need support in all the steps in between in realising your vision?

☑️Is your business suffering from a lack of direction? Do you have a clear vision and know how to take your business to the next stage? Do you have a real plan that will mean your business is attractive to a buyer? Do you know how to maximise the value when you want to sell the business?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please get in touch by email or phone. I am always interested in hearing from you and sharing a coffee to see if we can be of help.

🎯 We are not traditional consultants, all of our work is around helping support your vision, so the first steps would be for you to reach out and contact me for a no cost chat.

🎯 Why not book a Free Business Health Check to help you discuss the challenges you are facing.

🎯 We are always focused on you achieving your vision, and help you to work ON your business, not just IN it.

I would be delighted to talk to you. There is no cost to exploring your strategic options. Register now for your free business health check, or just call or email me and we can have a chat.

☎ 01908714532

Business Doctors – We Don’t Just Coach, We Get On The Pitch!

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