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You can give your guests a night to remember with a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show and / or  Psychological Magic 

A night that everyone is talking about days, weeks and months after – remember that night, they’ll say! And it won’t be because I programmed them to say so …

Imagine the email from your boss or the text from your loved one praising you, crowning you the hero for bringing a FAST PACED ADVENTURE that will AMAZE and ASTOUND your audience.


They believe they are ALIENS, SUPERSTARS, CELEBRITIES, JOCKEYS, LOTTERY WINNERS and many other CRAZY IDEAS… including some that will make this MUST SEE SHOW a night to remember.

The show can also be tailored to the theme of your corporate event.

The possibilities are endless! What is in your mind goes into the show.

Stage hypnosis is great for corporate functions, pubs, clubs, theatres, holiday parks, private parties and fundraisers, and celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, retirements and engagements.

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