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We transform events into extraordinary experiences. CREATIVE I AUDIO VISUAL I PRODUCTION
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Units 1 & 2, Greenway Farm Winslow Road Great Horwood Buckinghamshire MK17 0NY


We empower our clients to realise their vision by designing uniquely creative experiences, pushing the boundaries of event production while seamlessly integrating the latest technology.

Full Production

Specialising in full production for diverse events, we bring your vision to life. Whether it’s awards shows, exhibitions, conferences, or private events, our team develops engaging design solutions to set the scene and communicate your message.

White Label Production

Collaborating with trade clients, our white label production services feature minimal branding, experienced crews, and visualisations aligned with your corporate identity.

Equipment Hire

Our inventory of cutting-edge lighting, audio, video, LED wall, and staging technology ensures your event benefits from top-tier performance and the latest advancements.


We conceptualise, design, and execute innovative and engaging audio-visual experiences. We employ imaginative and original approaches to enhance the visual and auditory aspects of events, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

We explore inventive technologies, design captivating visual content, and incorporate innovative sound solutions to deliver a distinctive and impactful event experience for clients and attendees.


We integrate and coordinate both audio and visual elements to create a comprehensive and immersive event experience. This involves the use of state-of-the-art sound systems, lighting, projection, and other visual technologies to enhance the overall atmosphere and engagement of an event. 

We seamlessly blend all audio and visual components, ensuring that the event’s presentation, entertainment, and communication aspects are delivered with high-quality sound and visuals.


We take care of all the planning, organising, and executing the technical and creative elements necessary to bring you event or project to fruition. This encompasses a range of activities, including equipment setup, technical support, content creation, and overall event management.

The production phase involves coordinating audio and visual elements seamlessly, ensuring that the technical aspects of sound, lighting, and visuals align with the creative vision for the event. It also involves troubleshooting technical issues, managing logistics, and overseeing the smooth operation of the audio-visual components during the event.

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