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I spent many years telling you the news and sport on television in the comfort of your living room. It means I’m no stranger!

Now my company Media-Vu can report your news providing you with help and solutions to improve the public profile and visibility of your business. You know you’re the best. It’s our job to tell everyone else.

We all love stories. You probably don’t realise that what you do can attract positive interest way beyond your front door. We uncover and highlight your good news and target the best medium to tell it in. It could be newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, websites or social media.

We place and broadcast your story. Here’s the headline: We can make you famous! But remember your clients are broadcasters too. They work on the WII:FM frequency. What’s In It For Me! So think what your customer wants to hear first, second and third. If you’re good you can become the media expert in your field. The credibility that generates is priceless.

If a picture tells a thousand words video trumps it. Video will interest visitors on your website. A positive YouTube channel tells it to them straight. Our production values are to make every film compelling and to the point. Scripting, filming, editing? We can help you all the way. We also produce documentaries for TV networks around the world. We know what we’re talking about!

Presentation skills
Nervous, uncertain, maybe a little shy in public or talking on camera. That’s pretty much all of us. We’ve developed a series of workshops and training programmes to help give you the confidence to make the most from every media opportunity. We explain the dos and don’ts.

Public Relations
What’s a squirrel but a rat with good pr! Perception is everything. You know what your image should be. We can help you achieve it with a dynamic, strategic media campaign.

If you’re looking for media help – you’ve come to the right place.
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