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Nanci K Hogan Coaching and Consulting

Nanci K Hogan Coaching and Consulting
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Maverick Strategist Empowering Women to Unleash Their Unique Voice, Challenge the Status Quo, and Transform the World | Clarity Sessions | 1:1 Coaching | Group Coaching | Training Courses

NANCI ► A strategist + coach, I’m passionate about equipping women + global NGOs to achieve their full potential so they make a lasting impact on the world.

I champion gender equality, the flourishing of middle-aged +senior women, the environment and the awe + wonder of creativity and constantly learning new things about the world.

INDIVIDUALS ► Work with women to create their unique social impact + leave a legacy that will positively influence future generations. Through a 3-stage journey that involves articulating their values, strengths, and goals, I help clients uncover their true potential and develop the skills + confidence they need to get started. Whether they’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or change-maker, my goal is to help them find their voice and make a lasting difference in their communities + beyond.

INTERNATIONAL NGOs ► Collaborate with global NGOs dedicated to addressing issues of injustice + inequity. I work with organizations with a turnover of more than $1 million which have been in existence for at least 2 years + have programs in multiple countries. By shifting their focus upstream–to address root causes of injustice, rather than just treat symptoms, I’m able to help them increase their impact.

By my providing strategic guidance and support, NGOs can then create sustainable + impactful change through leveraging international advocacy strategies. I also offer services to guide them through the 2-year UN ECOSOC application process so they can influence policy at an international level. I’ve successfully guided several NGOs through this process.

CHARITY NGO CEOs, SENIOR LEADERS, TRUSTEES ► Coach, consult, mentor and train clients to scale up their skills + the capacity of their organizations. I work with them to develop leadership skills, build effective teams, and create a culture of innovation and excellence. Whether they are looking to grow their organization, implement new programs, or navigate complex challenges, I provide the tools they require for success.

Informed by 25+years experience in the nonprofit sector, my approach is grounded in a deep commitment to social justice + flourishing. With a background in international development, I’ve worked with organizations in over 30 countries in 6 continents to create positive change by addressing issues of poverty, inequality + human rights.

To discuss any of the above with me, book a complimentary clarity call with me at

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