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People Solutions for the Noo World of Work
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12 Helmdon Road, Wappenham, NN12 8SJ


The place for customer centric businesses looking to gain competitive advantage by enabling them to attract and retain the people they need for success in the competitive, agile, innovative, and changing world of work. Your trusted HR Consultant for strategic, operational and experienced HR solutions.

  • Bespoke HR advice and support for small and medium companies, start-ups and growing organisations, to help accelerate and achieve their People goals. Ensuring your businesses are legally compliant, drive business performance, stand out from their competitors and be recognised as a great place to work.
  • HR Project Management for changing organisations – focused support for People Teams and Business Leaders. Supporting you to deliver your projects and objectives quickly and accelerate your people strategy in the changing world of work.
  • Insights Discovery team and leadership development – A fun and interactive psychological tool to build effective relationships, communication and connections for yourself, your team, and your customers. Helping you to build your business culture to drive team working, leadership capability, communication, innovation, diversity and collaboration.

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