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3 Warren Yard, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes, England, MK12 5NW


From single lets to full development projects, R2G Investments is here, with as little or as much involvement as you need, to help you build a successful property portfolio that delivers returns, not hassle.

Some of the services we provide:

Cash Pot Builder

We fast-track the amount of money you earn over a fixed term, guaranteeing you a fixed percentage return. High street banks generally offer no more than than 1–2% interest. We typically deliver considerably higher rates of return, at no risk. Exact figures depend upon each client’s specific plans. Contact us for a free consultation as to how we could best help you.

Portfolio Creation

We do all the work to help you reap the rewards. We help you to build a portfolio based on your needs, drawing upon our professional expertise and contacts to develop bespoke plans for you. If you wish, we will also arrange for management of your portfolio, helping to reduce investment risk in a changing market and your time.

Joint Venture Partner

For those investors who prefer to partner with us, we offer the opportunity to accelerate your portfolio and ours together, to maximize investment success. This arrangement is available on a strictly case-by-case basis, depending upon close alignment of our goals and visions.

Mentorship and Mastermind

For those who need that support to grow and also challenge to accelerate we offer a mentorship program either on a 1-to-1 basis or as Mastermind group sessions tailored to giving you the confidence to build your legacy. These sessions not only relate to property, but also business as well as personal support.

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