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Recogitate – Data-reimagined
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86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE


Recogitate is a software development company, specialising in the Financial Services industry.

We provide clients with two main services:

  1. We build fully customisable software for businesses – if there are no “off the shelf” products available or you are simply paying too much money for software that doesn’t work for your organisation, Recogitate can assist. We will design and build a customised application for you that can operate on all platforms: Website, smartphone and/or Tablet. Our specialisation is Data visualisation – we can harness your valuable data and display powerful insights via bespoke data visualisation platforms.
  2. We provide FIX consultancy for electronic trading platforms – the Recogitate team originate from the financial services sector, specifically within the trading of financial products. If you’re a family office, hedge fund or asset manager utilising FIX protocol for your trading, Recogitate can certify the effectiveness of your platforms and resolve any technical problems you are experiencing with your trading counterparty.

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