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The Alternative Board (Milton Keynes & Leighton Buzzard)

Shared Wisdom, Bottom Line Success
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Milton Keynes


Improving the Lives of Business Owners

The Alternative Board (TAB) Milton Keynes is run by business coach and facilitator, Phil Smith.

Unparalleled Business Support

In Milton Keynes, Phil supports business owners to take their business to the next level through: a supportive advisory board, made up of other local business owners, expert 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring, and our suite of business tools.

But how do we differ from a traditional business coach and mentor or small business coach?

They may concentrate on improving your sales, sorting out your HR or helping you with your finances but that’s where it often ends. At TAB Milton Keynes, we’ll look at these too of course, but we’ll start with you, the business owner, as a person.

Why not find out more about our business support services? 

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