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Executive coach and mentor, business strategist, innovator, intuitive & creative thinker and thought leader working with heart centred businesses and people philanthropists predominantly in the service industry/professional services.

These businesses often want to forge new paths and set new standards for their sector: how the sector thinks and behaves, how people and teams, and customers/clients are supported. The business owners and leaders want to stand up and stand out.

But sometimes these strategies aren’t fully aligned with the vision and core values and the business leaders aren’t sure how to do that.

For others, they have become a little bored and disengaged from their business and have lost sight of what’s more and what’s next for them as a business leader and don’t really have anyone they can talk to about this.

I help these business leaders using intuitive ‘Unlocking Conversations’ where I use my signature process ‘Mirror, Lens Laser’. Reflecting back to them what I have seen and heard, using a lens to magnify the situation and have a clearer view, and then laser in on the areas that need the most attention. Sometimes it’s just about asking the right question and allowing that to percolate. Often the shifts happen with ease.


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