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The Corporate Festival Company

The Corporate Festival Company is the premier boutique festival events and production house in the UK
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Units 1 & 2, Greenway Farm Winslow Road Great Horwood Buckinghamshire MK17 0NY


Our events allow your delegates, employees and clients to thrive.

The corporate environment has changed, and companies are struggling to re-engage with their employees. This could be due to remote or hybrid working or simply because of the geographical spread of its people. Office culture, or lack of, is also an issue widely experienced, and when combined, both can affect staff retention or attraction.

The Corporate Festival Company is built off the back of the ideals of helping its clients to increase engagement and to develop a strong culture amongst its biggest asset, its people.

Outdoor events allow people to relax, bond, mix and enjoy themselves. It’s the fresh air. An outdoor festival creates the perfect environment for people to be creative and express themselves. Joining in a workshop with the MD or finding themselves stood next to the CEO at the bar at the end of the night, an outdoor festival delivers a totally different experience to the standard indoor event.

Our corporate festivals challenge the way that brands traditionally conference. The Corporate Festival Company deliver expertly-executed events that exceed the experience that delegates witness within a conventional corporate environment.

With your return on investment at the forethought of our minds, we carefully craft a well-positioned event that takes every aspect into consideration and advise you, based on our expert knowledge, of how to resonate and deliver your key business content in the optimum way.

We have created excitement and enthusiasm for what was previously viewed as “another conference” and changed the mindsets of attendees by creating a refreshing way to engage the most valuable asset you have, which are your employees and your clients.

Using a “dare to be different” approach, we work with our clients to ensure that every delegate leaves one of our events feeling valued, inspired, motivated and knowledgeable. Ordinarily our corporate festivals are delivered in exceptional outdoor environments, however, these can very easily be transposed into unique urban indoor spaces.

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