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Making one persons life better each and every day.
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7 Wolsey Gardens


Thrive was created with a single goal in mind – a company where you and your mental health are treated with care and compassion, so you can go one step further than just surviving.

We want all members of society to Thrive, to grow mentally strong, and be able to manage all that life throws at them.

We want to break down the stigma and discrimination which can still sadly be associated with mental ill health. Together we can make a difference and spread a positive message.

  • Online webinars and workshops focussing on mental health support, stress management, and anxiety reduction.
  • The full suite of MHFA England Mental Health training via our Accredited Instructors.
  • Full corporate and bespoke training packages and gap analysis for mental health and wellbeing at work.
  • Regular open courses and online workshops for individuals seeking to improve their awareness of mental health.

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