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Utilities Warehouse

Helping people save money on their utility bills and receive an extra income
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48 St Pauls Road


After helping ladies with their movement, as a Holistic masseur and facial skin issues as a skin care Specialist for a number of years, the pandemic hit, and I had to shut my business.

Do you ever find yourself sitting there wondering?

 Where am I going?

 Why am I doing this?

 I did because during lock down I suddenly released I didn’t know where I was going, I knew where I wanted to be, but hadn’t have a clue how to get there due to no fault of my own.

At the time by business was based on giving and receiving referrals, little did I realise how much referring would change my life.

One of my customers thanked me for giving her 4 referrals to UW and making her £1000.00 and I thought, OK I need to look into this!

Just as the pandemic took hold, I joined UW, where I could work from home, still help people and of course get paid.

Suddenly I found people wanting to do what I do and become part of the team.

So now my time is spent helping people save money and training my team to do the same.

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