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Are you living the life you want to lead?

Are you enjoying the outdoors, or spending valued time with your family and hobbies?
Do you have enough money and time for the fun stuff in life?
And would you like a 3, 4 or even 5 day weekend?

…..Then look no further.

I’m passionate about helping people achieve these and get that work-life balance we all elude to.  This can only happen with a PASSIVE or RESIDUAL income.   This means you get paid whilst you sleep. Do the work once and get paid… month after month, year after year..

With Utility Warehouse, by showing households how to pay less or even have FREE bills, we develop a RESIDUAL income – as these are essential services – like air and water, people can’t do without them!

In April 2021, I am walking 700 miles around the South West Coast of England, taking 9 weeks, and am able to do this due to the residual income I have created from working with Utility Warehouse.

So if you want to create more time, join me on my walk, sponsor me, save money, or earn money for your own adventures, – Join Davina

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