Have you tried Hypnotherapy?

Do you work daily on yourself?
It’s been such an interesting & amazing journey for one of my Emirati clients, who came to me for therapy & life coaching because he struggled with severe anxiety that he knew was keep him stuck from making decisions pertaining to his future.
Being able to offer both therapy and coaching for my clients is a huge triumph in their healing.
After the very first session, we got to the root cause using RTT.
He was super nervous about hypnosis, but we used some deep ladder breathing and chanting to ward off those fears and open his heart and mind to hypnotherapy and the rewiring that follow.
If you have been sceptical about using new methods of healing, go and get a session to experience its benefits.
Hypnotherapy is one of the quickest and most efficient way to get to rid of the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs.
What is is hypnosis?
👍 it is an altered state of awareness.
👍it is also a beautiful quick way to slow down your brainwaves from High Beta down to Theta or Delta
With hypnotherapy we can go behind the scenes in the unconscious mind and tap into the issue- investigating, removing old ways of thinking and installing new patterns of thoughts and behaviours.
Imagine most of my clients who suffer with anxiety and other mental/emotional issues work with me and makes a metamorphic change within 60 days. Some need a little more time but the tools they learn become tools for life.
Some of these tools I have developed over the last 14 years through deep healing on my clients. Hypno-Qi is a combination of hypnosis and quantum science energy healing.
If you want to work with me and you need more time to decide on my 1-1 programmes (ranges from £695 to £1695), I am offering 4 x 90 min group workshops called INTO-SELF in October/November.
The Into-Self Programme is £444 but book your place by midnight of the 17/09/22 for this one-time programme, for just £222. After the 17//09/22 it goes back to £444. All on zoom.
We will be looking at…
✔️Emotional baggage & sabotaging beliefs that keep you stuck.
✔️Strutting forward From Ego mode to higher self-mode.
✔️Self-love with a whole lot of romancing yourself with confidence & worth.
✔️Tapping to your purpose with timeline therapy- with starting your own Quantum Vision & Achievement board.
I will be using a variety of modalities in these interactive workshops. You will be doing some deep healing through confronting your Saboteurs and achieving your smiling freedom.
If you want a seat on my ‘Into-Self” programme,  email me nirasha@justsimplychange.co.uk
We are just over 3.5 months before 2023. Let’s kickstart your healing.

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