Mobile App Maintenance: How Often Should I Update My Business Mobile App?

Keeping users happy and engaged and coming back for more is the sincere desire of any growth focused business. Keeping their attention is also a challenge, especially with the number of apps available today. The average person now has access to over 100 apps on their smartphone and uses about 21 of them daily.Fortunately, keeping users returning for more doesn’t mean you have to work harder or longer. As long as you keep things fresh and exciting for your users, they will likely continue to use your app again and again. You can do this by updating your app as often as necessary. Here are some essential things to know about how often you should update your business app.

1. Introducing new features
Every business owner with a mobile app searches for ways to keep their users glued to their mobile apps. And one way to ensure that is by releasing exciting trending features on their mobile apps. Timely updates on your business mobile app gives your business branding a facelift and keeps your app users interested in your business and is proven to drive up sales and conversion.

2. Operating System app updates
Various companies work hard to improve the operating system of their application. It would be best if you released a system app update that doesn’t make the application worse, such as making some features unable to work correctly.

3. User Feedback
One other crucial reason why you need to release an update is because of the feedback. When users leave feedback about a particular version of your app, you know more about bugs and deficiencies in your application. Ignoring this feedback might lead to a loss of user(s).

4. Adjusting to App store guidelines
Another factor that prompts companies to initiate an app update is the change in app store (iOS or Android) guidelines.Google Play and App Store make adjustments to their app submission guidelines. These changes affect the future of your mobile business app.

5. Improved user experience
The overall stability, functionality, and speed of your business app are vital components of any app. The first thing a user interacts with in an app is the interface. In other words, they deal with the app before anything else.

You should update your app to create a better design with new interface elements that entices your app users and keeps them coming back for more.

6. App Bug Fixing
This is one apparent reason for app updates. No matter how professionally you develop your app and test the software before release, bugs are tricky. Most bugs appear in the later stages of the application.However, nothing is threatening about bugs. It is an everyday occurrence. The critical thing is to make the bug-fixing update when necessary.

How Often Should You Update Your Business Mobile App
The frequency you update your app depends on a few factors. For example, if you’re launching a new app or have recently rebranded, you’ll want to update your app as often as possible to get it in front of your users as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you’ve got an app that’s been around for a while and is already quite successful, you’ll want to keep the frequency of updates to a minimum. This is to ensure that you don’t annoy your users and drive them away.Frequently updated apps are more valued by users and your play store.

However, most users might find this tiring if it becomes too recurring. That is why you need to determine the frequency of your updates. It could be once a week, a month, or even a year.It is noteworthy that Google and Apple would only let you update your app weekly. You want users to refrain from fusing about another update when it’s barely a few days since the last release.On the contrary, if you delay an upgrade, customers will doubt the seriousness of yourThere is no right or wrong time to update your app. But you want to ensure that you’re updating sparingly, or your users might get annoyed and ignore the new changes.

Keep in mind that users like to know that they can depend on the app they’re using. If they know that the app is constantly changing, they may expect something new and different to happen every time they open their app. It’s essential to find the right balance between keeping your users engaged and keeping them from feeling overwhelmed.You can do this by updating your app often enough that it doesn’t seem stale to your users but not so often that they grow tired of seeing new changes.

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