Your Next New Client Could Be Just A Few Clicks Away

Last week, we blogged about how important it is to look after your existing clients as it costs less to retain one than it does to find someone new. But what if your business does need new clients? Where do you find them?

Of course, word of mouth is the most cost-effective way of finding new clients, by delighting your existing ones and having them recommend you. Face-to-face networking would be next then a whole host of channels give various returns on investment, both online and off.

“What about cold outreach? That should be part of your marketing plan as well!”

One of the ways we grow our subscriber base at YourPCM is by regularly sending cold outreach emails using our HTML mailer system. It creates many free trials for us, and a number of those free trials then see the value of YourPCM to their business and go on to subscribe.

But where do you get the email addresses? Do you buy lists from commercial data brokers? Do you trawl local business magazines or do you spend countless hours on Google, looking at geographical areas or specific industries and then visiting websites trying to find contact details?

This could take hours a day and requires concentration which takes you away from income-generating work. What if you could turn that into a background task, that would take you, at most, 10 minutes a day?

“That’s where YourPCM Search comes in!”

Are you looking for surveyors in Scotland? How about mechanics all across the UK? What about professional services such as accountants or solicitors in your own local area? With YourPCM, simply type in the profession you want to find, then where you want to find them and hit search. You could have hundreds of new contacts added directly into YourPCM within a few minutes.

And that’s not just a company name either. It’s the website, telephone number, email address and social channels too; maybe even a name. Everything you need to connect with them and then reach out.

Only want people with a mobile number? Only looking for non-generic email addresses? There are options for both of those, although do realise that the more checkboxes you have ticked, the fewer the contacts it is likely to return.

With YourPCM, you can search by country, county or town. When you choose to search by town, you simply choose the county and it adds the 10 biggest towns in there for you. Of course, you can change these as and when required.

We get our data from various sources. It’s all up to date and it’s as if you went to Google My Business and started searching there except instead of spending hours and hours doing it and giving it your total concentration, it’s a background task that you can dip in and out of!

We’ll then connect with them on social media and remove any obvious major brand names and corporate organisations because we’re only interested in small business owners. We then tweak any names YourPCM Search guessed and we’re good to go. You can then reach out to them by phone, email and SMS text message.

“We also have a paid-for search service available for all YourPCM subscribers!”

It still takes time to search and more time to validate, especially if you want a country-wide list of particular businesses creating, so why not get us to do it for you? We’ll put all the validated records we find, directly into your own copy of YourPCM ready for you to reach out.

If you spend an excessive amount of time on Google, YourPCM Search is the perfect tool for you.

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