YourPCM And The Art Of Getting Organised

With the economy in a sorry state, it looks like 2023 is going to be a tough year for all UK small business owners. Hope is not a strategy, and we can’t simply wait for things to improve.

“We need to get organised!”

We’ve all done it; We’ve collected business cards when out networking and left them in a pile on the desk. We’ve stuck post-it notes on our monitors which have fallen down the back of our computers and we’ve got notebooks filled with useful titbits that have got dusty and forgotten in overstuffed drawers.

The first thing you need to do is replace those business cards, post-it notes, notebooks and spreadsheets with a centralised contact database like YourPCM. And to comply with British data protection laws, you need to be sure your data stays in the United Kingdom.

But how does YourPCM help you get organised?

  • Centralise your data: YourPCM can include everyone you know such as customers and clients, business friends you meet out networking, and even our friends and family. With up to 32 sections to organise them all in, and no limits on the number of contacts, you can be sure that everyone’s details are just a few clicks away. And with YourPCM it’s not just a name and phone number, there are email and social connections too.

  • Remember your conversations: Notebooks are good for taking down conversations, but so is YourPCM! It will date them for you so you know what you spoke about and when. We’ve even got a section for icebreaker information such as spouse, children and pets names and things like hobbies and interests.

  • Flag important dates: As soon as you’ve been in touch with someone, you can flag their last contact date. If someone you’re talking to asks you to contact them in a few months, weeks or even on a specific date, these can be added too and YourPCM will even email you each weekday morning to let you know who’s on your red list. You could even use the red lists for birthdays in a pinch.

  • Reach out regularly: It’s always great to remind people you’re there. When it’s time for a 121, a standardised email can be sent with just a few clicks to a number of people. Got a meeting later today? Send them a quick SMS first thing to confirm they’re still available. Creating templates for all of these standardised messages will make life a lot easier for you.

  • Make recommendations: Use the Industry and Location drill-downs to select people they’re looking for. You can then quickly and easily share contact details with them by email, SMS or on social. Everyone loves a recommendation and those you recommend will be grateful for the business and remember you in future.

  • Get your whole team involved: If you have a small team, they need to be able to hold conversations with your customers and clients and remember what you already discussed. Having a centralised contact database like YourPCM ensures proper record locking so vital notes don’t get overwritten and you can have up to 16 people logged in at once. Whether they’re in the office, out on the road or working from home, you can be sure everyone is on the same page.

YourPCM is exclusively for UK small business owners and at its very heart is the centralised contact database that gets you organised and helps you become that hallowed proactive growth machine.

“It’s for administrators, networkers and marketers alike!”

2023 is going to be a tough year for all of us, and we need to get organised. With free data imports and all the training and support you’ll ever need, you may now feel it’s a great time to get started with YourPCM, ready for the new year.


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