Mentoring Programme

The key focus to support you are:

  • A Personalised 1:1 Programme that can be added to any Membership Package
  • Tailor made Plan to grow your network and form strong business working relationships ultimately leading to Client generation
  • Develop a networking strategy to attract in new clients
  • Creating Outstanding Customer Service
  • Ongoing Mentoring/Support & Accountability
  • £30 Per Hour at Delta Marriott Hotel, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes. 


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Are you a busy small business owner that never gets time to work 'on your business' because you are always 'in' your business?

Is it time to take a step back ?

I will help you grow with your strategy around using your network, building collaborations and developing key working relationships to attract clients, increase your income and grow your business locally.

This is especially relevant if you know that you should be networking and you avoid it or, you are networking regularly and not getting any sort of outcome from the time you have been investing doing it!

Through my extensive network and Business Development experience, I can help you leverage your network, create a business development strategy.

I will look at what is working and what isn’t working and then create a tailor made Mentoring programme that gets you results.

Tim Lee delivering a talk to small business owners
Delivering a talk to small business owners at a Nat West event 3rd August 2022


The whole reason why I wanted and required help was because I wanted to get to the next level personally while finding ways to increase important KPI factors within my job role which were new sales revenue streams and social media.

There are always gaps in knowledge and better ways to approach things and sometimes you need the view and guidance from someone outside of your “bubble”. The conversation came about from one of the collaborate networking events and after talking about it, Tim suggested we do a one to one, our Discovery Call, to discuss how he could advise and give development tips. From an early stage it was clear that Tim was going to be able to deliver successfully on this and his expertise was going to help me.

From asking a few open questions and clearly actively listening, Tim came up with a personal 5 stage consultancy plan based on everything he had heard which he believed would be beneficial for my development. I will not give away all the tips and advice, however these were the areas in which Tim has assisted in developing for me.

James Fagg

As an NLP Coach I know the importance of modelling excellence in others. When someone is skilled at what they do they often don’t take the time and trouble to work through those processes they do instinctively every day. A lifetime of experience stays with them, and they can’t break it down so others can shortcut their own learning and take advantage of their expertise. Tim has done just that in his Networking Mentoring Sessions.

Tim covers everything from best practices on social media platforms, right through to building working relationships within networking groups. I now understand how to link these different practices together to create and maintain connections.

These sessions have been invaluable to me, not only because they have been tailored for my business, but because Tim has been able to share all those nuances that really make the difference.

Dawn Groom – DBL Coaching

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with Tim, he has been a great support in times where I have been unsure in my LinkedIn pages and how to develop from there.

I appreciate all the time, effort and communication he has put into this mentoring course. I look forward to putting all of the actions in place, in this role and further roles to really drive a welcoming, successful business!! I think with all the support Tim has given and continues to give, this will be extremely possible and something I see happening not too far in the future.

Walking away I feel far more confident and I cannot thank Tim enough for his encouragement throughout the entirety of the last year.

Molly Alana Brown – Zway

Tim offered a very interesting and holistic insight into a concept of networking. I am grateful for his tips on how to use LinkedIn as a tool for building your own brand and developing business relations. 

Tim provided an insightful workshop and gave us lots of key tips on networking and LinkedIn. The one to one feedback was very useful! – Melanya Ponraj

Woodfines Solicitors 


Huge thanks to Tim Lee founder of Collaborate MK ✨

I’ve just finished my final mentoring session and learnt so much!

I met Tim through the MK Nat West Accelerator Programme that I joined in March 

Tim was one of many mentors that the Nat West accelerator programme introduced us to.

I knew that I wanted to expand my relationships with local business and so it made sense for Tim to be my mentor. And it’s been great. We covered so much…

From networking (online and in person) to business community building, LinkedIn best practice and client generation, and CRMs we talked about it all!

From a networking and LinkedIn novice a few months ago, I’m feeling so much more confident 💪🏻

I can’t wait to get stuck in now and see if there are local businesses I can help 🎁

Gill Smith – Practical Gift Boxes 


It’s a word that used to trigger hives for me! An uncomfortable situation where I’m to sit or stand in a room full of bodies and “sell myself”.

Thankfully, it’s changed! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Tim Lee Owner of Collaborate MK who met with a team of us to discuss all things networking, from best practice to what to expect when you attend networking events!

Thank you Tim 😀

Jemma Blackstaffe – OMM Solicitors

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