Exercise with Fibromyalgia

🌎 Fibromyalgia
This condition is one I feel very strongly about and how exercise can help manage it’s symptoms. Global fatigue, pain and longer recovery time from injuries, of which they of higher risk of getting, is only a few symptoms.
Brain fog, memory loss, almost not knowing who you are anymore due to this condition and its harsh symptoms.
Why is this condition close to my heart? Because I have very good friends and clients who have this condition and live with it daily. I will not say suffer from this condition as I feel it should not define them. It is only a part of them. I know they will all agree when I say this.
However, even though this is not a progressive condition, it is with you for life. As you get older and other conditions make themselves known it becomes more important than ever to be able to manage it the best you can.
I KNOW exercise helps as I see it every day with my own clients. These are hard working career leading women who can CARRY ON working as a result. They are nothing short of amazing!
Here is a blog I wrote about my clients personal journeys through fitness and one of them is a similar condition to fibryomygia and that is EDS. Have a read and see how exercise with 1st Step has improved so many lives already!
The ONE top tip I would give with this condition is to PACE yourself and learn to listen to your body (ok that is two)😀
If this effects you or anyone you know then please get in touch through my website. www.1ststeprfs.com I will be happy to help.

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